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Fail Faster. Grow Faster.

It is not easy to find a scalable business model, particularly for people that have never started a business before. We know this, because we have lived it in our own serial entrepreneurship experiences. So, we created an accelerator program that delivers to entrepreneurs across the world the benefits of real experience refined by the core curriculum of the #1 Public Business School, the Haas School of Business. 


In 7 weeks, cross-functional startup teams within your ecosystem will be led through an intensive, full-contact learning experience. All participants must run a rapid customer discovery process, which leads them to a validated or invalidated business idea.

"During the program, we did some key pivots - target market; revenue model; and the entire business model as well - and we understood how to scale our company... Without all those pivots, we wouldn't be able to get our first Project." -  Daniel Ramos, Brazilian Participant

Teams discover customer pain points and learn first-hand what it takes to turn their product into a must-have, rather than a nice-to-have. Ultimately, the program gives your top entrepreneurs the tools needed to drive your economy and foster a culture of innovation.

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