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Mark Searle
Managing Director
(Berkeley, USA)

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Elizabeth Saunders
Program Director
(Tulsa, USA)

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Manav Subodh
(Bangalore, India)

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Ozan Sönmez
(Istanbul, Turkey)

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What is a Virtual Accelerator?

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What our students and partners are saying:

Working with IAG and Intel has encouraged me to think bigger than a maker in order to become a successful and scalable entrepreneur. They taught the essence of a 2 year MBA in 3-months, nothing beats that. Entrepreneur
We learned that we had to pivot several times. With that, we found new ways to do things that were exponential in business, life and beyond. Corporate Innovator
Changing your business is hard, but learning how doesn't have to be. U.S. Entrepreneur
We were surprised when the customers told us they wanted to buy a simpler product than we originally envisioned. Corporate Innovator

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