How Can IAG Solve Your Innovation Problems?

We are educators.

That means we run a hands-on educational process that allows you to validate (or invalidate) your ideas before you even spend a dime on product development. And our process works. We have transformed business cultures around the globe with the goal of allowing your team to enhance your investment readiness level within 7-weeks. 



For a deeper insight on how our programs run, we have produced 2 videos from our Florianopolis, Brazil UDESC-ESAG Scaling Startup Ecosystems program. Participants share their experience and explain how this program has changed how they think and do business. 



The UDESC-ESAG program is 1 of 2 pilots that we've organized to help Brazil scale their startup ecosystem. We've partnered with universities, corporations and VCs in 2 differenent cities. Our participants have ranged widely in age and expereince. They've also spanned from students (graduate and undergraduate) to CEOs of early stage startups and employees from local corporations. Once a week all pariticpants are asked to attend a lecture, team offices hours and present what they have learned in the past week. Any group not presenting, is asked to share their thoughts about the presentation. By including a diverse range of participants, the classes educational engagement is enhanced. Everyone learns an exponential amount of knowledge by sharing their progress of "Getting Out of the Building". 

On May 18th, we will kick-off our 2nd pilot in Rio de Janeiro alongisde Coppead. Stay tuned for updates on our social media page

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about creating a program that will meet your organizations needs, leave a comment or send us a message

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