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What We Do

We accelerate the market delivery of customer validated innovations focused on establishing disruptive business models and leveraging new technologies.

Through our guided tactical learning process, your teams will work on real problems and opportunities — not case studies or hypothetical examples — and deliver tangible results in as little as two months. 

You will learn how to launch new products, services and business models in one third the time at one tenth the cost of traditional methods.  Our programs' immersive experience turns your employees into innovators, armed with a repeatable and scalable process they can use throughout their career.

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How We Do It

We help you accelerate your innovation process by using IAG's Guiding Principles:

  • Nobody can pick winning ideas in advance

  • Winning ideas emerge by running a rigorous, repeatable & systematic process at scale

Over the course of our programs, teams receive one-on-one coaching, participate in group collaboration, and receive feedback from their peers and mentors. At the end, each team will have validated their idea for market-fit by fully understanding and proving their business model assumptions.

By moving quickly and working on real ideas, you can save months (if not years) of time and millions in financial investment.

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Why Us?

We possess unmatched expertise and results, having taught over a thousand startups and innovation teams through our accelerator programs. We've more than tripled technology and service funding rates over traditional programs. Additionally, IAG has helped launch new products, technologies, services and e-commerce portfolios for large companies.

Our methods have been used by the US National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, and Department of Energy. We also have experience working in a multitude of industries, including CPG, health-care, biotech, pharma, hardware, software and social ventures.

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"The Berkeley program was the best thing that happened in my life - no kidding. I remember each and every session, each and every feedback that Mark and Andre gave to us and others. The feedback helped me in making changes to my point of view about various business-related things and made me determined to overcome challenges. The anecdotes, stories and real life experiences they shared helped me to create a strong roadmap for my product. I am happy to share that my company is going steady and well." -Innovate for Digital India Participant, CEO 

“After 80 people shared their thoughts and confusion about our project, we learned that we had to pivot several times. With that, we found new ways to do things that are exponential in business, life and beyond.”  - UACH Participant, Engineer   


"The IAG instructor team is amazing because they understand the learning process. They won't tell you the answers, but they will make sure you know the how to think critically to create a successful startup." -Mentor, CFO


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