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Governments and institutions around the world sponsor entrepreneurship programs to foster local innovation. The Scaling Startup Ecosystem program can also be divided into 2 Phases. Phase 1 is a 7-week course where we take teams of entrepreneurs with ideas and teach them the skills necessary to validate, grow, and scale their business. In Phase 2, entrepreneurs will learn how to launch their product into market by building off their business model.

The Innovation Acceleration Group implements an evidence-based program that draws on UC Berkeley Lean Startup methodology to teach the entrepreneurs proven methods of validating their product and business model, and to pivot where necessary based on real-life customer feedback. Therefore, if a team has an invalidated business model by the end of Phase 1, they will not continue onto Phase 2. 

By teaching teams of entrepreneurs how to reach their full potential helps them build roots within your ecosystem and flourish there. An effective entrepreneurial ecosystem will draw new innovators into your local economy, bringing jobs and prosperity. This fosters a culture of innovation that increases the amount of local small businesses and positions your ecosystem as a leader in the startup world.

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