Internal Corporate Innovation

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Accelerate Product Delivery

During our immersive “full contact” experience, internal cross-functional teams work on your company's real ideas. Our results-driven systematic and comprehensive evidence-based program drives growth and profitability in established companies. This program will provide your company with a scalable and repeatable model to funnel innovative products, processes and services throughout your value chain to drive top-and- bottom line results.

The Innovation Acceleration Group works with corporations to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within the company. During Phase 1, we teach your employees (that real ideas for your company) the entrepreneurial process via the Lean Startup methodology. At the end of Phase 1, (8 weeks), each team will reach a go/no-go decision on their idea. The result is saving your company resources, especially money and time. In Phase 2, each "GO" team will continue to iterate through the customer discovery process and create a working prototype in as little as 12 weeks. The tested and validated products or business models can be delievered to market in 6-12 months. 

We can also include a Train the Trainer aspect to the program. Our instructors will train your employees on how to recreate the process, which allows you to reproduce it internally for a continued cycle of innovation that can ultimately transform your company’s entire culture.


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