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The Innovation Acceleration Group provides a springboard for entrepreneurs and enterprises to build on an enterprise’s platform. This promotes business development for the enterprise as well as provides the entrepreneurs with support from an established company. The entrepreneurs benefit from the company’s experience and resources, and the company gains from the entrepreneurs’ fresh perspective and innovative mindsets.

The Innovation Acceleration Group facilitates the interaction between the two groups and guides the entrepreneurs in their startup journey. We provide an immersive, full-contact experience that utilizes UC Berkeley Lean Startup methodology and an evidence-based customer discovery process. This process is divided into 2 Phases, which allows the entrepreneurs to validate or invalidate their hypotheses and pivot where necessary. In Phase 1, entrepreneurs will validate their product idea and business model by actively seeking answers to prove their hypothesis. By the end of Phase 2, participants will have built a successful product that furthers both their own ideas and the enterprise’s initiatives. 


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